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SKYTRAK Launch monitor with TRUGOLF e6 golf simulation

Incredible Accuracy - We've found the SkyTrak to be incredibly accurate; routinely nailing the yardage on every club in the bag. It uses Photometric technology to track the flight of the ball (instead of Doppler). The unit basically uses a camera to take high-speed photos of your ball after impact and provides the following data points:

- Carry/Total Distance
- Ball Speed
- Launch Angle
- Offline Yardage
- Back Spin
- Side Spin
- Side Angle
- Roll
- Club Head Speed
- Flight Path
- Angle of Decent

Tool for Golf Improvement - The SkyTrak is one of the best training and teaching tools because it displays, with great accuracy, every relevant number to your golf swing. The feedback is immediate and based on this data, you'll be able to see how much you've progressed (instead of going to the range and saying, 'That one looked good...right?')

For nearly 30 years, TruGolf's team of artists and programmers has been the industry leader in golf simulator software. The team behind Links(tm), one of the highest-selling and most awarded PC sports titles of all time, is the team that created E6Golf. From PC games to golf simulation software, E6Golf is the engine that drives reality.

E6Golf simulator software is known for its realism, beauty, and a world-class golf courses. Each one of the virtual courses is a precise replica of its physical counterpart.


E6Golf features a whole range of practice options, including: Driving Range, Target Practice, Chipping Area, and Putting Area. Other available features include:

Time of Day and Weather Conditions: Morning, Afternoon, Evening; Clear, Partly Cloudy, Cloudy, Adjustable Wind Settings; Overcast; Fairway/Green Hardness and Speed

Tee Boxes: Championship, Professional, Amateur, Ladies, and Junior. Everyone picks their own tee-box. TruGolf E6 can handle up to eight players during one round.

Course Elevation: Looking to prepare for a high-altitude golf trip? Hone your distances with the elevation settings.

In-Game Practice Modes: Are you trying to perfect a tee shot or having trouble with a specific approach shot? You can set up, practice, and take as many swings as you need during game play.

Gimmie Distances and Automatic Scoring: Looking to only work on tee-shots, irons, and wedges? E6 Golf allows players to use the computer to score putts, based on Gimmie distances that you choose.

Boost: For beginners and younger players, the software features a Boost setting that provides a little extra distance on each shot.

TruGolf E6 includes the following game formats:

Stroke, Skins, Match Play, Mod Stableford, Demo Mode, Scramble Stroke, Scramble Match, Scramble Mod Stableford, Scramble Skins, Scramble Stableford, Bestball Match, Bestball Mod Stableford, Bestball Skins, Bestball Stableford, Bestball Stroke, Team Stableford, Alt Shot RC Match, Alt Shot RC Mod Stableford, Alt Shot RC Skins, Alt Shot, RC Stableford, Alt Shot RC Stroke, Alt Shot Scotch Match, Alt Shot Scotch Mod Stableford, Alt Shot Scotch Skins, Alt Shot Scotch Stableford, Alt Shot Scotch Stroke, Australian Hogan, Bingo Bango Bongo, Pars Please (Bestball), Recovery, By The Book, Hogan Point Game, High Stake Skins, Nassau Match, Nassau Stroke, One on One!, (Nassau Scoring), Wolf


15 World Famous Golf Courses!

Banff Springs Resort

Bay Hill Club & Lodge

The Belfry

Bethpage Black

Bountiful Golf Club

Castle Pines Golf Club

Firestone Country Club

Gleneagles Golf Club

Harbour Town Golf Links

Mauna Kea Resort

Par Three Mountain

Par Three Ocean

Pinehurst Country Club #2

Torrey Pines Golf Club

Troon North Golf Club


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